Where are You?

Tru here.

…  All i know is that i am alone with no idea of when SOMEONE will return …

Even if husband is simply taking a shower (in Garage), or a nap (in the bedroom)
i constantly forget where my husband said he was going.

i have no concept of time passage, so i dont know whether he has been gone for just a few minutes, more than an hour, or all day. 
This can be a frequent cause of anxiety.
When i start checking places where he might be, then i forget which rooms, or areas of our property that i have already checked
… and i am checking them over and over again, but not checking the one place he IS.

i am alone.

…  All i know is that i am alone with no idea of when SOMEONE will return …


So i need simple frequent reminder for my memory. 
Husband took a spiral pack of note cards.  (( https://www.amazon.com/Bazic-Spiral-Ruled-Index-Card/dp/B00NABR7LQ )).
Alphabetically, on separate pages, the spiral has various places he might be; Chicken Yard (which is in the far back of our property), Front Yard, Garage, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Nap, Pharmacy, Shower (in Garage), WellHouse (south end of property), etc.
Because we add additional locations frequently, we intentionally left blank pages between locations.  This allows all entries to be alphabetical.

Eventually WE will need to add picture for each word (and i think this would be a good thing to do together), but this works at my current “normal”. 
He sets the spiral at my workdesk, so that every time i look up, i see the card showing where he is. 
This has worked well for several years (as long as we remember to use it, LOL).


We use the same strategy when traveling even to the bank or grocery store.  My sister made a cloth-backed chalkboard, that stays rolled up in the passenger door.  If i am left in the car, or in the hotel room, he writes where he has gone.  When i am feeling my most clingy, then he will also write the time for his return.  >> http://www.sspecialgifts.com/Travel-Chalkboards_p_26.html .



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