Money Control with Dementia

Tru here, with my own experiences on negotiation of Money and HouseHold Finance issues.


i worked in Accounting, and husband and i had worked together building money-management confidence for years before dementia entered the picture,
but with my dementia symptoms:

i dont remember which bills have been paid, and which bills have not been paid. 
we had a wonderful system that i was able to handle for several years despite mild dementia symptoms,
… but then could not remember where to find records, or HOW to work my system. 
So now someone else needs to do all of that.

i dont remember buying things, and i dont remember receiving things … so sometimes i buy the same things AGAIN.

i am not an impulsive buyer — but now there are more exceptions to that rule.  

i have always been very thrifty, and i am aware that the above symptoms can create disaster. 

Additionally, Money can be a big-ticket item in relationship,
and i do not want that to interfere with our partnership.


Financial security is very important to me, however i recognize my lack of money-management skills, therefore, at MY request,
My name is no longer on any of the “Family” bank accounts.
But this is a problem because Art and Crafting is a HUGE outlet for me, and I very much hate asking for permission to buy crafting supplies.

… SOOoo i have a (Low-Limit) credit card that is just for me, but Limit was negotiated between partners.
i dont travel, but i use it onLine (Amazon) so that i can feel that i have some choices:  
i can donate for personal causes without asking permission from anyone. 
I buy my own specialty foods. 
I buy supplies for crafting.   

The bank sends eMail to our JOINT e-mail each time a purchase is made, so that my husband can keep an eye on household finances.  Card holder determines which eMail the bank sends notifications to.  In our case, receipt is sent to the family eMail which is set to go to BOTH my husband’s and my own phone.  ((We have one eMail address associated for both of our iPhones.))   This helps us both feel confident that we are staying within agreed boundaries.  This has worked well and, because of the trust that we have developed, we have no problems with our money partnership.



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