Staycation Pages

Tru here. . “Vacation” time in June, and these are some of the things done with that time: !!  Remember, Links are on colored text, not the pictures  !! Right-click on colored text and selecting “open in new tab”, will allow you to return to this tab easily (at top of window) when you finish. […]

12 from Me

Tru here. Beginning fence, so digging fence-posts this week … and other tasks. Probably no new blog entries for about a month, … but remember there is plenty to read at this website … ((Remember Links are on text — not pictures)) Top 12 posts from me for past year are : Context of Appearance […]

Adding Calendar

Tru here with an add-on: Will be adding Calendar format on blog entries, but FYI those calendars will eventually need to be removed, because my webspace is only allowed a certain amount of picture/video space.  So will leave calendars for a few months, but then must remove in order to prevent over-loading my “media” allowance.  […]

New in Apr

Tru here. Remember that LINK is not in picture, but at text below the picture ! New Pages in my website are: Others: “Why Cant You Hear Me” by Norrms at . . Crafts: “Emoji Me” at . FamHist: Uncle Gillies at Culloden >> . — *** — .*. . .*. . […]