Strategies for Hope

Posterior Cortical Atrophy Presentation
OR How to Drive your Neurologist Nuts
By Cecil F. Ristow III; May 2015

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In speaking with my future neurologist, I am trying to relate my experiences with PCA,
as my present neurologists are stumped.
This may not be a fair assumption.
It is, however, accurate.

There is no cure.
There is hope for a better life.

  • *  Through Education
  • *  Commitment
  • *  Learning how to do things differently
  • *  Perseverance
  • *  Association with proactive carers and companions

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FIRST (be Militant)

  • *  Exercise
  • *  Exercise in a chair
  • *  Exercise in bed
  • *  Exercise your sense of humor
  • *  Exercise humility
  • *  Exercise joy
  • *  Exercise 6 inch curls (ice cream cones)


  • *  Get your affairs in order
  • *  Simplify your life
  • *  Discover old hobbies or make new ones
  • *  Find a reason to get up in the morning
  • *  If it doesn’t make you happy get rid of it
  • *  Join a safe group
  • (remember:~friends don’t mess with your mind, break your stuff or take your money~)

(Because I have PCA and can’t count)

  • *  Be kind to yourself and others
  • *  Find your peace and your joy
  • *  Don’t waste a minute of it
  • … 616 CecilRistow PCA Pc4a 1in200ppi  … 616 CecilRistow PCA Pic3a 2in200ppi  …

LIFE is Forever
and there’s no time limit on that!

By Cecil F. Ristow III

See “Companion” written while I was still teaching special Ed.
Full of caretaking ideals and methods that work.

Index page for Cecil is here >>

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3 thoughts on “Strategies for Hope

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  2. Benson’s Syndrome, doesn’t even sound like a disease, hard to find, harder to believe. I
    feel more like a PCA Embarassador. To look and feel quite normal and yet be so
    damned messed up! What can be done? Nothing. Who can I see ? Nobody. So, I
    explore things that make me feel better. (not Heroin) and doing things
    differently. I have to be patient with myslef and LeAnna has to be patient with
    me. My feeling is one of embarassment, withdrawal and the realization thatt I’m
    only “gettng” 50% of what is going on around me. How do I represent that? Our
    group has taken this into the light of day. So improtant. So very healing in
    itself for loved ones and for those of us afflicted. We all share an esteemed
    Ambassadorship for PCA around this small-er world. We are close. Getting
    closer and, well, maybe just not there yet but ours is a force of spirit which
    will not be denied.

    Liked by 1 person

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