BnP 1-06 An Influential Moment

“Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia” — unpublished page 06:

In March 1961 my brother Spencer was born.  When Spence was a baby Uncle Wayne lived with us, sleeping in the “toy room” while we four kids got the sunny bedroom upstairs, beside my parents.
BNP 196103a Lo

An Influential Moment
I remember telling my mother that I wanted a baby.
I must have been about four years old
because Spencer was “our” baby (Julie’s and mine),
and Julie was more assertive than I, so I felt a bit left out.
“You’ve got lots of babies in the toy room” was Mom’s reply,
but she stopped and looked at me closely when I said,
“Mommy, I want a real one.”

 I will never forget her response
because it has influenced my entire viewpoint toward life.
She said, “Bindy, there’s more to taking care of a baby
than feeding it and changing its clothes.
The best way you can get ready to be a good Mommy is to
pay close attention to what other parents do;
watch your parents, your friend’s parents
and your neighbor’s parents.
Remember the things that you think work well
… and remember what doesn’t work well.”
From that moment to this, I have analyzed those around me.
I watched behaviors, techniques and attitudes
… and I remembered.

196103b Lo
Photos from 1961 March
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