Use Negative Emotions

My friend, retired doctor Jennifer Bute, writes about options to USE negative emotions.  She says the following:
Sometimes it is just not possible to laugh at some of the things that go wrong each day, so what can we do?
I have always encouraged to positively use negative emotion.
There is no need to throw things about or shout,
instead we can use that emotion in a useful way.
In the old days, it might have been polish the brass, clean the windows or the car. Now it is more likely go for a walk, take the dog out, do some exercise. Sing a favourite song, do some cooking, write a letter or email to encourage someone else, do some painting, weed the garden.
We can still continue to be sociable, perhaps wave at someone, smile, and their response can even make us feel better! Then of course we could watch a funny film – that might enable us to laugh!
When we feel a bit better we can plan how to make it less likely for things to go wrong next time.
The relevant phrase is, ‘bringing attention to the task’.
For example, changing hands to do it, doing it in a different place, writing out a plan of the necessary steps, or a notice to alert one to the cause of the likely disaster. Ask someone else for suggestions.
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