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“PWD Perspective” Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD):  Harry Urban

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These entries are From my friend Harry Urban, living with Alzheimer’s diagnosis since 05Jan2004.


Dementia Story-Tellers at;

“Do and Don’t” at;


2022  (Harry now has 50 pages in this WebSpace):

“Christmas Spirit High” (and recent crafts) at ;

.“Adapt and Find Happiness” at .



“Bridge Between Two Worlds” at ;


Apple Cart (re goals) at  08Jan2021;





“Need for Touch” 11Mar2020 at 11Mar2020;


“Video Conferencing at 15Apr2020;


“Constant Fog” 03Jul2020 at 05Jul2020;


LIVING with Dementia at >>  14Jul2020;


Dementia “Survivor” at  27Dec2020;







“New Project” >> 11Jan2018;


“To Teach Others” at >> 12Feb2018;


“Adjusting to Change” at >> 24Mar2018;


“April Laughter” at >> 29Apr2018;


“Gardening with Harry” at >> 22May2018;




“UnControllable Fury with Dementia” at >>  23Mar2017;

“Visualization” >> 27Apr2017;


Bullies >>  06May2017;




Dbl Meaning; “All I want for Christmas” >> 29Nov2017;




616 HarryU 20150806a 4in100ppiSPELLING at 06Mar2016;




Lack of Self-Expression at . (25Jan2015).


“it’s NOT okay” at >> 29Nov2015;

Jan 2015 at;

Feb 2105 at;

March 2015 at;

I was gone April 2015.

May 2015 at;

June 2015 “A” at;
and also part “B” <<

July Part A  at;

July Part B at;

Thoughts on Richard Taylor PhD at;

August Part A at;

August Part B at;

September crafts at;

September on advocacy at;

September on communication at;

September on recharging at;

September on spiritual life at;

October on crafts at;

Advocacy from Harry Urban at;

Perspective from Harry Urban at;

Relationships from Harry Urban at;

Spiritual Life from Harry Urban at;

Symptoms from Harry Urban at;

Importance of Patient-Perspective ;



“Being Santa” at 11Dec2015.


Relationships ;

Diagnosis ;

Advocacy ;

Hobbies ;

Harry’s THANKS at  27Nov2014.

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