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“PWD Perspective” Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): Scott Drevs.

Scott Drevs on Feb 16, 2018: 

I was diagnosed @ 45. They told me that I’d be dead or institutionalized by 52. I’m 52 now and am basically unchanged from 45.

One thing I learned in the last 7 years is that we are all different and progress and suffer different symptoms at different levels.  Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. BUT… Don’t give up!


Scott Drevs on Feb 22, 2018: 

…  If I knew exactly why I’m doing better than some, and better than my Dr thought, I’d tell everyone.

I count my blessings. One thing I think is important is that I try to stay optimistic, and I try not to complain or let FTD control my life. I don’t buy into self pity. FTD does affect my life, but I try not to let it affect what I do.

Its difficult to be in large groups, but I continue to push myself to go to events or places that maybe uncomfortable.

I’m not a “I can’t” kind of person. I think that self pity is unhealthy and that knowing our limitations and pushing ourselves to those limits, is a tool for a happy and healthy life.

I’m not ashamed of my disease, it’s only one part of who I am.

I am so blessed, because this diagnosis has opened up a whole new life and I’ve meet so many wonderful people because of it.

I’ll get of my soap box! Lol.


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