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Many folks seem to think each doctor is some sort of a god;
that if the doctor says a diagnosis has changed,  then your condition has changed from yesterday (when you did not have a diagnosis yet). 
i disagree, — but most doctors TRY to be very current on the KNOWN information in their specialty,

… and process of diagnosis can be very helpful for guidance as to what strategies are most likely to help continue your abilities at their best possible level, and which strategies will probably not help.  Sometimes (like with Lewy Body) diagnosis can warn us of possibly-dangerous medications that we are likely to have severe problems with.


Diagnosis for dementia-related issues varies wildly, by type, doctor, etc.

Lately diagnosis is very much driven by testing results, scans, and aspects that can be MEASURED.
Some types of dementia show on scans — but some do not show on scans.
Some types of dementia have wildly-fluctuating symptoms that play hide-and-seek. …
and so many variables can impact how dementia LOOKS
— like prior IQ, prior time spent pursuing NEW avenues of thought and with NEW avenues in the brain
… creating a cognitive cushion that makes everything LOOK better than it really is, because that brain is in the habit of re-routing new signals, so the damage does not easily show in cognitive testing.

Process of evaluation — and RE-evaluation of diagnosis is EXTREMELY stressful, and i wish others could realize that impact.



Here are my current favorite Links on diagnosis issues.  If you find a broken Link, please let me know that it does not work.

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by Dementia Mentors’ members; 18-min video at

“Adapt and Find Happiness” by Harry Urban at .

by retired Dr Jennifer Bute 3-min video at ;

Denial of Dementia Symptoms (1-hr video) by Dementia Chats’ panelists at ;

Diagnosis and Doctors (1-hr video) by Dementia Chats’ panelists at ;

“Dis-Arming the Diagnosis”. intrvw w Jim Butler at ;

“Dont Wait” by 5-min video by Richard Taylor PhD at

Imagine a Different (diagnosis process) by George Rook at ;

“Let Diagnosis Sink in” 2-min video by Chris Roberts at ;

“LIVING with Dementia” by Harry Urban at >> ;

“Numbness” 3-min video by Gill at ;

Reasons to go for Early Diagnosis by Truthful Kindness at

“Surviving Diagnosis” 7-min video by Laurie Scherrer at

“To Neurologists” by Truthful Kindness at ;

“Questioning Diagnosis” 1-hr video by Dementia Chats’ panelists at ;


not PLwD: “Helping Patients …” from Dr Daniel Potts and others at ;

not PLwD: “Getting Proper Diagnosis” 7-min video from Teepa Snow at ;



Lists of LINKS:

Links with info on specific Types of Dementia at

INDEX Links for greater insight on dementia Symptoms and STRATEGIES at


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