to Neurologists and other Specialists


Tru here.
Returned home Thursday from 2018 American Academy of Neurology annual meeting.  Above film was our Dementia Action Alliance video entry for the 2018 Neuro Film Festival, now shared at

Unfortunately was not able to be part of presentation panel, but my friends Robert Bowles, Laurie Scherrer, Brian LeBlanc, and Mr & Mrs Driver did a wonderful job.  Spending time with them, and my friend Danny Potts, made for some very special days.



This was in case i had the opportunity for briefly speaking to neurologists at the meeting:

DO avoid “prescribed disengagement”
(great term Kate Swaffer came up with)

A. DO … BUILD  TRUST through direct communication.
Care partner is important in big picture, but I am your patient.
Learn communication strategies from persons living with dementia (because in this case we are the experts).
Each person is different, but for me and many others, primary strategies are:
1) … take the extra time to speak slower.  I admit there are some concepts i have lost the ability to grasp, but mostly i am still brilliant … it just takes me considerably longer to get there (with use of strategies not only on my own part, but also for other persons in conversation).
2) … Changing train of thought takes extra time for me, so also pause between thoughts, so that I can change channels and keep up.
3) … Communicate with words, body language and/or graphics.
4) … Meet my eyes and speak directly with me.
B.  DO … ENCOURAGE Patient to LIVE life after diagnosis.
1) PEER  GROUPS:  supply ideas for persons living with dementia peer groups. Even if no local peer groups available for more rural areas, there are online groups such as Dementia Mentors and Dementia Alliance International. Both have either weekly or daily video chat available.  This not only provides when no local peer groups, but alows for peer interaction without the debilitating noise and busy-ness of multiple bodies in one area.  These groups also have other online tools such as written and video ideas for strategies, given in first person voice of those living with dementia.  Multiple texting groups available thru FaceBook, some of which are only persons living with dementia symptoms.  In this case we are the experts, so give us the chance to extend LIFE-Support.
2) NON-PHARM along with pharmacological ideas for management of grief, added stress, and whichever combination of dementia symptoms patient might encounter on this path.
3) REASONABLE  ACCOMODATION ideas for those who are still able to work.  But be aware that most employees with dementia are unable to retain time for peer, family, and self-relationships to remain emotionally healthy while dealing with the added emotional strain from grief and dementia symptoms.  Strategies to deal with dementia symptoms consume much extra time, which must come from somewhere.


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For reference (pulled from my 2018 Google Calendar): We arrived Air B&B noon 19Apr. AAN Brain Fair began for us at 9am on 20Apr2018. Hard Rock Cafe with group at 2pm 21Apr2018. Lunch with Debra Cherry in JapanTown 22Apr2018. Panel Presentation was Monday 23Apr2018. No note on when we left.

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