BnP 1-13 Summer Day

“Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia” — unpublished page 13:

BnP 1963 girls Lo

(Pictures above were taken Summer 1964;
I was always good at teaching, but easily intimidated.)

It was a summer day so Julie and I were playing on the swings;
by the weeping willow tree in our back yard.
She said something and I replied,
“Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words can never hurt me.”
As I turned away,
I remember being confused by the look Julie threw at me.
Then she looked me full in the face and said,
“I know what will hurt YOU”.
Then she paused and took a breath before throwing this statement;
“G0D doesn’t really love you!”

I was totally astounded.

Her words did not cause me to question the love of my creator,
but I remember wondering why my Julie would say that.
I could tell that the words were purposely framed
to cut my world out from under me,
and I didn’t know WHY she would want to do that.

As a six year old, I tried to analyze her behavior
as I gazed blindly at the yellow day-lilies.

Looking back, I wonder if that was about the time
she was told the same news
that I was told a little later.
Then my world WAS cut out from under me.
(Written 2013-07/05 re Summer 1964)

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