Jeremiah Anthony Pate Guarding Lead Mines and War for Independence

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1728-1812, Jeremiah Anthony Pate served 1777-1778 guarding lead mines which was main source of lead for the Colonies during the War for Independence.

Military SUMMARY

 Daughters of the American Revolution records:
b. Apr 1728 VA; Time in-srv 13 Sep 1777 thru not specified;
d. Jul 1812 Montgomery Co VA
Srv Source: VA Magazine of Hist & Bio, Vol 46, p339, Oct 1958,
#4; Kegley((author)), Militia of Montgomery Co VA, pp58, 59
Service Description:
1) Capt Daniel Trigg
2) Took oath of allegiance, Montgomery Co;
m Christinah Harmon


JEREMIAH-ANTHONY PATE served from 13 Sep 1777 thru 08 Apr 1778. Took oath of allegiance on 13 Sep 1777 under Capt Daniel Trigg in Montgomery Co Virginia.   One of the other documents shows both Samuel McGehee and Israel Lorton as Lieutenants.

Samuel McGehee … from Montgomery County, Virginia, serving in that capacity from 2 April 1777 to 31 March 1781.  Samuel McGehee joined the battles against Tories and Indians, and in guarding the lead mines under Capt. Daniel Trigg

((Below photo from current re-enactment modeled after his own ancestor John Conway, whom he quotes)): “I entered the service as an enlisted soldier … was marched to … lead mines in Montgomery Co, VA to guard said mines against the Tories & Indians … see Link at bottom of article.


Tories in Montgomery County had three main objectives, third of which was to seize control of the lead mines (in present-day Wythe County) and effectively deny the Commonwealth of its main source of lead. …

… Col.Preston ordered the militia of Montgomery County to assemble at the Lead Mines (Austinsville, near Wytheville Virginia) … This was a difficult time for the early settlers. George Washington committed on hearing accounts from the settlements along the New River, saying, “I would give my life to the Indians, if I knew they would stop their raiding and plundering of the western settlements”.

… The mines were alternately referred to as the Chiswell mines and Welsh Mines … The Wythe County Lead Mines were the main source of lead for the colonies during the American Revolutionary War. According to the Mary Kegley book, Wythe County, Virginia – A Bicentennial History 1989

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Relationship string:

Jeremiah Anthony Pate ffp-PPP.aaaa!09 1728-1812
6th great-grandfather (to Truthful Kindness)
Adam PPP Pate ffp-PPP.aaaa!08 1763-1824
Son of Jeremiah Anthony Pate ffp-PPP.aaaa!09
Jacob or bro Henry Pate ffp-PP.aaaa?07 1790-1877
Son of Adam PPP Pate ffp-PPP.aaaa!08
Joseph Pate ffp-P.aaaa!06 1817-1863
Son of Jacob or bro Henry Pate ffp-PP.aaaa?07
Caroline Orpah Pate ffp.aaaa!05 1854-1913
Daughter of Joseph Pate ffp-P.aaaa!06
Lewis Henry Frey ff.aaaa!04 1890-1920
Son of Caroline Orpah Pate ffp.aaaa!05
Spencer Lewis Frey f.aaaa!03 1915-1978
Son of Lewis Henry Frey ff.aaaa!04


Added Notes:

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Jeremiah Pate Ancestry is included on page 2855 of Sir John Bernard Burke’s (1814-1892) distinguished “American Families”. This is an off-print of pages 2529-3022 from the 16th edition of Burke’s Landed Gentry, constituting, in entirety, the innovative American section. This work ranks as the most authoritative ever published on the subject of patrician, blooded, or distinguished American families. — Section title is Pate formerly of Eye Kettleby. This Pate lineage to Edward Pate of Eye Kettleby in County Leicester was accepted for many years (almost a century??) but has now been proven incorrect (or at least very improbable) by prominent Pate genealogists. 

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