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My Lyme Links are scattered all over, so thought i should start consolidating them in one place.

(unfortunately, i do not currently remember where those various “storage” places are at, LOL)


“Lyme Wars”: Important to note that there are two schools of thought for Lyme diagnosis and treatment; one is led by IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) with CDC, and the other is led by Lyme specialist doctors at ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society).  This 15-minute video does not have any of the high-profile doctors, but i like this down-to-earth explanation of the Lyme Wars … at >> .  (hopefully you can watch below).


Another video on the Lyme War is at >> .

And a well-written short article is at >> .


Personally IDSA guidelines totally failed me and led to more than 30 years without diagnosis and treatment, so i am very strong for ILADS guidelines.  List of some of the Leading Research articles from ILADS at .

i am member of Lyme Disease Org (which supports and discusses ILADS guidelines).  This org provides great info and helps drive research. Website at ;

The issue of a Link between Lyme and Dementia is another one of the strong issues in the Lyme Wars.  My Link index on Tick-Borne Disease and DEMENTIA is at >> .

Some Lyme basics from my past Lyme specialist Dr. Stricker, (an internist and hematologist). This 23-minute video from him (15Mar2018). This video uses language of accommodation, but i think that makes it easier to understand for some of us at >> ;

LDA goes with IDSA guidelines. at ;


i think this half-hour video (29Jun2016) from Dr. Neil Spector, cancer specialist with Lyme Disease, is especially helpful.  You should be able to watch it below. >>


… and here are a few more:

13Jan2023 New 1-hr vid on “NeuroPsychiatric Manifestations of Lyme Disease” at >> .

with (Lyme specialist) Dr. Steven Phillips at ;

1-hr video with Dr Richard Horowitz, Lyme & Mold commonality at ;


… about another tick-borne infection called “Babesiosis” (this is another co-infection that i had). The County called me and said i was the first patient identified in our county with Babeiosis.  My Lyme specialist doctor said mine was the most resistant case he had dealt with.  Took three years of treatment before we finally decided it was possibly taken care of, so we moved on to working on Lyme Disease itself.  EXCELLENT recent 1-hr vid on Babesia.  At about 17 minutes into the video the interviewer disappears, but the speaker resumes speaking at about 19 minutes into the 51-minute video.  >> .  ((Discovered mention of Gordon Medical Center, which is where i moved to at about 4 years of treatment, in order to integrate other aspects of medicine instead of only accepted Western medicine.))  Dropped  tick-borne treatment at 5 years, since cognitive symptoms were continuing with same rate of progression.


… about another tick-borne disease called “Bartonella”:

1-hr video with Joseph Burrascano (who wrote Lyme Guidelines while i was dealing with diagnosis/treatment process) at >> ;



We sponsored the showing of this documentary for our area.  Viewing “Under Our Skin” documentary is available free at .  A follow-up discussion at ,  and the sequel “Emergence” is available free at .


ILADS webSpace is at .


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