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i repeatedly search for this Link, so thought i would make a page for it.


Lori LaBey has “Dementia Chats” project on 4th Tuesday of each month.  

Personally, i think i began participating in Dementia chats around 2014 or 2015. 
i think this is a project with high potential
for making a difference in how people with dementia are perceived in society,
and hopefully helps care-Partners in better understanding symptoms,
and better finding strategies to assist.


About Dementia Chats project:

Dementia Chats™ was created with the intention to educate people living with dementia; their care partners both family and friends as well as professionals and advocates. Our Experts are those diagnosed with dementia. We have been doing this series since July of 2012, but given we changed platforms in 2016, only those videos from 2016 are now listed.  ((excerpt from YouTube page)).


“I have spent about 11 hours straight listening to your ‘Dementia Chats’.  I am so overwhelmed…. Love Brian, Truthful Loving Kindness, Michael, Paulan, Laurie, Harry, Mary, Craig, Bob… all of them.   Everyone!… everyone should watch these. You have tapped into something so valuable. I cannot say enough about what you created.”  — Suzka, Speaker and Author of “Wonders In Dementialand”   ((excerpt from )) .

“Since I started collaborating with Lori on Dementia Chats in the Spring of 2013, I always thought that this webinar series is the true cutting edge work in our field…”   — Eilon Caspi PhD, Dementia Behavior Consulting LLC, How Spouses and Care Partners Are Impacted By Dementia   ((excerpt from )) .


Again, Lori LaBey has “Dementia Chats” project on 4th Tuesday of each month. 


YouTube Listing of our currently-public chats are here >>
Blogsite page is here ))


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