PWD Helga Rohra 2014

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“PWD Perspective” 2014 Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): Helga Rohra:

Helga Rohra 2014

Helga Rohra, our friend from Munich Germany has been diagnosed with LBD about 8 years ago.
After one year of struggle and hiding because of the stigma connected to dementia there was a big turn in her life.
Meeting strong advocates in dementia at an International Conference of ADI she got a strong belief. She started to stand up and speak up for all of her fellows touched by dementia in Germany.
She was busy lecturing about what it feels living with dementia, focusing on the still existing abilities.
Her demand was inclusion from the very beginning after getting diagnosed. Her book (in German and Romanian language) entitled:”Stepping out of the shadow” highlights these demands.
Ever since she is also a speaker at Conferences of ADI and AE.
With the foundation of the European Working Group of people with dementia in 2012 a milestone in dementia history was set.
She is the 1.Chair of this goup ever since.
Her home country Germany awarded her in Dec.2014 the Commitment Award on national and international level.
An incentive for Helga for new projects together with dementia friends all over the world.
As dementia knows no borders and TOGETHER we are strong!
The pictures show : _ Together with great avocates at AE Conference in Glasgow/2014
– At a lecture
– with the award together with my son (n the right)

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Helga Rohra 2014 

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