Don’t Act Horrified

Contributions from other Persons Living with Dementia symptoms:
Cathy Carvalho Mazzie.

Posted 2018 April 3 at 10:12am:

There are … (many) types of dementia. It’s an umbrella term.

They say when you meet someone with dementia, you have met one person with dementia.


It’s a disease of confusion.

I cant speak for others , but I am aware of being confused.

I find the best way to deal with what scares others is to address it head on with humor.

I know things will change,

but my dad used humor almost to the very end.


… by addressing it with humor

it makes it easier to address the fear.


. …


Please don’t act horrified when we get confused.

We compensate by reading your body language and the tone in your voice.

Though we may lose our voice and understanding of words eventually,

we can still hear the tone in your voice.

That is what we react to.



if and when that time comes

don’t speak to us as we are simpletons.


I have been told by people in the medical field ” you are to bright to have dementia.”.

I was flabbergasted. That’s hard to do! Lol.


It’s an illness of confusion and forgetfulness.

Most don’t know, but for some there is severe pain.

There’s a sensitivity to touch as well as temperature change.

I hope and pray this helps.


One more thing, symptoms can show as early as 20 years before.


IDK if this is a good analogy, but

what cancer does to the body is what this disease does to the brain.


My macabe humor is coming.

If any of you found that tasteless,I have a whole deck of cards and I’m playing the dementia one.

I have it that way.


I witnessed things, not necessarily bad, that made me wonder” are they trained?”.

With more awareness and education it would make it easier for the patient as well as the caregiver.

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