Arts ‘n Crafts with Dementia Symptoms – Cooking Tips

Tru here.  Example of my cooking prowess from day before yesterday: tried to cook a super simple recipe so what could go wrong?  Cut finger (rather severely because picked up shears that cut bone) from tremors & poor estimate of finger placement when opening mix packet.  Meanwhile knocked liquid to floor and made mess that was […]

Dementia Sundowning Concepts from Karen Francis

Ideas about “Sundowning” from PWD Karen Francis, friend who worked with memory impaired before becoming impaired herself: What is Sundowning? SUNDOWNING – Sundowning is a phenomenon that is associated with increased confusion resulting in a variety of behaviors that you may not see other times of the day. It can happen with any form of […]

Privacy, Secrets, and My Dementia Symptoms

Sooner or later this frontal-lobe filter will fail; that is an accepted part of this path and almost inevitable. … It is not that I do not enjoy time spent with friends I have developed in these groups. It is not that I do not value their friendship, I just cannot afford extra stress from the “privacy” aspect of group. … if you don’t want me to spill the beans, don’t put them in the pot.

More Thoughts on Communication in Early Stages

Tru here.  In the last year or so I don’t communicate one-on-one very well.  It has become strained and costs a lot of energy. A common dementia symptom is my sound-processing disorder; trying to unscramble numerous connected sounds into words, sentences and thought sequences, in order to understand what someone is telling me costs me […]

Arts ‘n Crafts after Dementia Diagnosis – Samples

No eloquence tonight … just pictures, which can be clicked on to enlarge. For those of us who craft, creating can be huge source of energy and motivation. Above is craft in use of color.  Lauren U’s picture depicts the creatures from the hallucinations which surround her. Mine is in center, and Max McCormick’s image […]

My Diagnosis and Expectations

Tru here.  Enough added people are following this blog that I thought I would clarify my diagnosis and share my thoughts for the next few months. LONG post!  2015 Update here >>  and 2016 Update here >> Summary:  My GP and I agree on diagnosis of “dementia” but waiting for confirmation from neurologist.  […]

Crafts I Personally Use for Dementia Symptoms

Tru here.  ((Updated 2018 Mar 3))  Remember that any Links are not behind pictures, but in the colored text. Definition of craft (kr ft) n. 1. Skill in doing or making something, as in the arts; proficiency.  As my introduction prefaced at  >> I feel most “alive” when I am creating something, so these are […]

Arts ‘n Crafts after Dementia Diagnosis – Intro

Tru here.  October was always month of creativity at our house.  Trick-or-treat meant we needed to prepare gift for each house we visited.  Some years it was physical gift like autumn greeting card, but some years activity gift like song or very brief skit.  One year we did dance/acrobatic performance at each door for Halloween.  […]