Arts ‘n Crafts after Dementia Diagnosis – Samples

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No eloquence tonight … just pictures,
which can be clicked on to enlarge.

For those of us who craft, creating can be huge source of energy and motivation.

Above is craft in use of color.  Lauren U’s picture depicts the creatures from the hallucinations which surround her.
Mine is in center, and
Max McCormick’s image wonderfully depicts the effect of “Sensory Overload” as dementia symptom.

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…Max said “Since my diagnosis, I’ve tried to think of things that my kids might like to have to remember me.
There’s just something about having something tangible that was made with love.
I hope that I live long enough to have grandchildren, but if not, at least they will be warm in my blankets!”
Ann from Scotland made the gift in center.
Last image is greeting card, again made by Lauren U.
Pictures below are “Doodles” or “Zentangles”

616 Blog C20 DoodleZen 08in100ppi

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…  Above is Norrms performing his craft of public speaking, and me playing with my Nevel Harp.
Below are several pictures of my PWD friends’ craft of creating an environment with plants.

616 Blog C20 Plants 10in100ppi

… Crafting with words, by Kate Swaffer and Chris Roberts

616 Blog C20 Written 06in100ppi

…  Baking and decoration of baked goods is craft of Barry Pankhurst, below.

616 Blog C20 Food 06in072ppi

Next week I hope to bring compensating tools and techniques we use while creating, but I want to be able to gather as much as possible from my friends, so that means it might be longer than one week.
I suspect my next blog will be more on communication (maybe even later tonight) so stay tuned.

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