April Laughter

Harry is one of my primary mentors.
His example is a motivator
for taking time and energy to write my own blog,
and the many hours I spend to share the writing of others.

Below are some entries out of Harry Urban’s blog during April 2018 …
on Laughter:

April 17, 2018

What a wonderful time we had today at our Laughter Course we held at the Lancaster Health Campus. We learn why laughter is so important to someone living with dementia along with several laughter yoga exercises. 

When you are living with dementia you think of many things, but do you ever think about how blessed you are. You may dwell on the things happening with you or what your future is going to be like. You may fall into the doom and gloom and throw a pity party for yourself, but once again,
do you realize how blessed you are.

I realized it today when friends threw a party under the name of a Laughter Yoga course. …


April 24, 2018

… I have found peace and I’m walking with love in my heart.
I have been living with Alzheimer’s for so long and never felt the love that surrounds me like I now do.

You can do it also
but first you must get rid of the hate and anger in your heart and
try on a new pair of glasses.
You need to see that all is not doom and gloom
and people can love you without asking for anything in return.

Total strangers tell me they love me,
and I can feel their love.
They have learned to walk with me in my world and give up everything they were taught and began to know the person.

We came a long way toward dementia awareness but now we need to reach the people living it.
We need to share our love without being afraid and let us know we will never be alone.  …

… This day is wonderful not only because the sun is shining brightly, and the birds are singing,
it is wonderful because I feel good about myself.
I have a purpose in my life and a reason to live.

I am still forgetting things
and losing parts of my life
and walking around with the tag,
you have dementia.
People are scared of me and feel sorry for me,
but they don’t know me.

They rarely see how full of life I am and only see the person living with Alzheimer’s.
My friends see me stumble and lose my thoughts, but it doesn’t matter to them.
They got to know the real me.


April 27, 2018

Our Laughter Yogo Course was a huge success and I would like to see more classes. I have been laughing all my life and believe I am a natural trainer.
I would like to get the training to become the trainer that will put a smile on your face and a laugh in your belly.

Laughing is good breathing exercises and emotional stress reliever.
My goal is to bring Laughter Yogo to all Care Facilities and Senior Centers and bring lanughter back into our lives.


April 29, 2018

What’s in a hug.
Some don’t mind being hugged and there are others that don’t want to be touched.
I view hugs as an emotional embrace and not physical.
I posted many pictures of me and my Sente-Mente friends hugging and it is easy to see the emotions being shared.

I am allowing them into my world of dementia and sensing my emotions.
When I talk to you and you feel sad afterwards,
the reason is because you soaked up some of my emotions and feel them.  …

The sense of touch is so important for many reasons.
It gives us a sense of security and helps remove some of the fears and frustrations we have.
Never be afraid to give your loved one a hug,
if they allow it.


* . * . *

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