Changes After Self-Isolation

Some surprises in group meeting after isolation of covid virus restrictions; 

“This time there was no closeness.
Although the ‘Pattern’ was roughly the same, ‘Feelings’ were not.”

My friend Jennifer Bute posted this on her “Glorious Opportunity” page,
but i have added line breaks for clarity.

Many things have changed due to Coronavirus and the required self-isolation, some things than I had realised. I have been able to continue my Japanese Memory Groups on Zoom, for a quarter of the usual participants, although some needed initial help with technology. Last week I was able to restart a group of six people, socially distanced, face to face, and then a second one for another six. Although this still leaves many without the opportunity to attend.


I was surprised and unprepared by the responses in these face to face groups.
I knew that ‘Feelings remain when Facts are forgotten’.
The ‘Facts’ were that most had met before, with just a couple of new attendees.
The ‘Feelings’ though were very different.
In the times before Coronavirus, singing together in different keys or rhythms in a large group had been fun, friendships formed, newcomers warmly welcomed, we helped each other with laughter, no one noticing where, when and who needed extra help or reassurance.
But this was all before we had been socially distanced!

This time there was no closeness.
Although the ‘Pattern’ was roughly the same, ‘Feelings’ were not.
We are not yet allowed to sing rousing songs or even share a celebratory cake during the group meeting.
We did have one episode of laughter at my expense between three of us, but I think others felt excluded as they were physically further away.

I will plan differently next week.
I will make much more of them as individuals.
Some have had almost no social interaction for months, although I have tried to keep in written contact each week with everyone.
I had not realised how out of their depth they felt –
everyone is different! We always go on learning!

– Jennifer Bute on 29Apr2021 at .

Index page for Jennifer’s projects on my webSpace is at .


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