My Favorite Things

“I simply remember my FAVORITE things … and then i don’t feel so bad” from The Sound of Music.


Knowledge of my Favorite PLACES, favorite Fabrics, favorite colors and songs.  All of these would be crucially important if/when i lose ability to make my own decisions, and ability to communicate.

“When you know something about somebody,
you care for them in a more personal way”

— Zoe Harris


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Favorite Fabric = Flannel or just plain cotton.  Synthetics are VERY uncomfortable for me !!!

Favorite Artists : Family members, Mary Engelbreit, Thomas Kinkade, Norman Rockwell, Albert Bierstadt, Kate Greenaway, Betsey Clark, Angela Rippon, and various ZenDoodle artists.

Favorite Stories/Books: 1) Proverbs, Psalms, and The Torah — or Old Testament.  2) The Book of “James” in what is termed the New Testament.  3) The N.E.T. — New English Translation from  i gave away a full case of First Editions.  4) “I Asked for Wonder” by Abraham Joshua Heschel — very much lost ability to understand his other books.  5) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — read >4 times with workbook.  6) Anything by Louis L’Amour — have almost all of his books in both paperback and hardback “Leatherette”, but most are currently beyond my ability to understand, unless sometimes with sound simultaneous with sight.  7) “Dancing with Elephants; Mindfulness Training for those Living with Dementia …” by Jarem Sawatsky.  8) “Deeper into the Soul; Beyond Dementia …” by Nader Robert Shabahangi PhD.  9) “Dementia from the Inside” by Jennifer Bute MD.  10) Several books by James D. Tabor PhD — but these are currently very much beyond my ability to understand so i donated them to the Local Library.  11) “The Right Dog for You” by Daniel Tortora PhD — bought and gave away several copies.  12) J.R.R. Tolkien — also currently beyond my ability to understand.  13) Edgar Rice Burroughs “Mars” series — also currently beyond my ability to understand,.  14) Several stories from “The Original Series” of Star Trek.  15) Stories from Piers Anthony.  16) “The Pocket Watch” series from Ceci Giltenan.  17) Stories from Christi Caldwell.  18) Diana Gabaldon “Outlander” series.  19) Zoe Chant series of “Fire & Rescue Shifters”.  20) “Must Love” series by Angela Quarles.  21) “Guardians of Ga’Hoole” series by Kathryn Lasky — fantasy novels about owls for children and Young Adults.  22) “Percy Jackson” fantasy series by Rick Riordan — also writing fantasy novels for children and Young Adults.  … and also several books written about family ancestors.


Favorite Quotes:

1) “G0d is of no importance unless He is of supreme importance.” — Abraham Joshua Heschel in book “I Asked for Wonder”.

2) “”At the center of every great story is a Dilemma,
a personal crisis that causes the protagonist to ask,
“Who am I?”
It is a rock on which the hero can stumble
… or which he can use as a fulcrum to shift his world.””
— Louis L’Amour’s journal

3) “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the BEGINNING.” — Louis L’Amour

4)  “I could have danced all night” – from favorite movie, My Fair Lady.



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