Harry’s Apple Cart

Excerpts from my friend Harry Urban’s blog at http://mythoughtsondementia.com/blog.html ,
but i have added bold font and line breaks for clarity.


What do you do when your apple cart gets toppled over?
Do you whin about your misfortune
or do you pick up your apples and continue on? …

Then of course there was the biggy called dementia that completely turned my world upside down.
We are faced with so many problems that are out of our control
that could alter the person we are.

I am determined to stay focused on my goals
and take one step at a time.

A higher power will let me know when it is time to rest.
— Harry Urban on 8 Jan 2021




Excerpted with permission from my friend Harry Urban’s blog at http://mythoughtsondementia.com/blog.html .

Index for Harry’s pages in my webspace is here >> https://truthfulkindness.com/index-persons-with-dementia-pwd/harry-urban/ .

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