Pastors of Ore Parish

First Pastor of Ore Parish:
Andreas Holgeri Gestriki, aka Anders Holgers’son from Gästrikland (id# pdg-EPB.hbaa!13) was born between 1560 and 1565 in Gästrikland, Sweden, according to Ore Parish book, Part 1.  He was a Chaplain in Ore Parish from 1603 to 1607, then appointed as the first pastor of Ore Parish, after they separated from Orsa Parish, per 28 Jan 1607 letter by Karl IX.
Andreas was Pastor until he died in 1610, sometime after Bishop Bellini’s visitation in March.
His seal shows the initials A.H. over a falling leaf (Heart).  His brother Laurentius was also a pastor … in St. Skedvi.  Anders had at least 4 children, including …

Son of Despair:
Israel Andreae Dalekarlus, (aka Israel Anders’son from the Swedish provice of Dalarna), Vicar.  Israel was born about 1590 in Stora Skedvi, and died 30 Sep 1666.  Stora Skedvi is part of Säter Municipality. It is known for mining … and for its 12th-century church with beautiful ceiling paintings (see Wiki Link).
Israel was 17 years old when his father became pastor of Ore Parish.  Then he (Israel) was a “War Priest” for the Dalar Regiment during the years 1620 thru 1624, when he was badly beaten while in Germany.
Notable absence of records for a while, then Ore Parish pastor from 01 Nov 1629 until his death in 1666.  This note explains
Two features of Israel’s business are undeniable: an intensive economic activity with extensive land purchases within the sock and – at least for a period – an astonishing alcohol abuse at the time. (translated to English by Google.  “Sock” is Parish).
He was Pastor, and also VERY involved in farming.  Sounds like many challenges in congregation which was “notorious for stubbornness and disobedience” (translated to English by Google).

From Israel, our line descends thru his daughter Margareta Israelsdotter Dalandra, who was born 22 Feb 1626 in Garpenberg, Dalarna, and married Eric Mickelsson in 1646.  …

Possible Conscientious Objector:
Eric Mickelsson (aka Ericus Michaelis Valenius) was born February 1620 in Skommarbo, Västervåla, Västmanland, Sweden.  According to Stefan Zenker in Sweden, (( )) Eric became the first school teacher in Mora (Dalarna).
In 1644, Särna (then part of Norway) became occupied by Swedish peasants, (see wiki Link) and Queen Christina commanded their own priest be ordained.  Wallenius remained as Priest/Pastor, but in 1657 he was at the priesthood meeting and he demanded that “the tether be drawn”.  The bishop reminded him of his oath but in November it is mentioned that “he kept away during the war noise”.  Died in Särna on 28 June 1680.


Google translates some of the above as “priest” rather than “pastor”, but Ore Parish is Lutheran, and they feel strongly about the terms … so “pastor” is how i have translated these.
Separate page on Ore Parish … Later.


Much of the above info came from Stefan Zenker in Sweden, trained in mathematics and engineering at Stanford University.  If his web-pages are opened in Google browser, then you can set them for automatic translation to English. and .
Additional websites for research are (re Särna). WikiTree at .

Sometime i need to research if widow conservation might have been an issue in these few generations.

“… By the early 17th century, it had become customary for a parish to elect a vicar on condition that he marry the widow of his predecessor. There was never any formal law to require this, and if the parish protested to the authorities against a vicar who broke his promise after having been elected, their complaints were given no support by the crown. However, in practice, this was an accepted custom which vicars adjusted to, and during the 17th century it was not uncommon for a woman to have been married to four priests in succession.[1]” >> .

Our string of descendency is:

Andreas EPBD Holgeri Gestrikius pdg-EPB.hbaa!13 1563-1610
10th great-grandfather
Israel EPBD Andreae Dalekarlus pdg-EPB.hbaa!12 1590-1666
Son of Andreas EPBD Holgeri Gestrikius pdg-EPB.hbaa!13
Margareta EPBD Israelsdotter Dalandra pdg-EPB.hbaa!11 1626-1697
Daughter of Israel EPBD Andreae Dalekarlus pdg-EPB.hbaa!12
Elias EPB Eriksson Sernander pdg-EPB.haaa!10 1658-1708
Son of Margareta EPBD Israelsdotter Dalandra pdg-EPB.hbaa!11
Eric EPB Eliasson pdg-EPB.haaa!09 1687-1773
Son of Elias EPB Eriksson Sernander pdg-EPB.haaa!10
Anna EPB Ersdotter pdg-EPB.haaa!08 1719-1803
Daughter of Eric EPB Eliasson pdg-EPB.haaa!09
Brita EPP Persdotter pdg-EP.daaa!07 1759-1848
Daughter of Anna EPB Ersdotter pdg-EPB.haaa!08
Anna EEE Ersdotter pdg-E.baaa!06 1792-1868
Daughter of Brita EPP Persdotter pdg-EP.daaa!07
“Glad” Brita GGG Ersdotter pdg.aaaa.05 1825-1917
Daughter of Anna EEE Ersdotter pdg-E.baaa!06
Kerstin HHH Danielsdotter Danielson pd.aaaa!04 1863-1935
Daughter of “Glad” Brita GGG Ersdotter pdg.aaaa.05
Emil Leland Petrin Hansson p.aaaa!03 1890-1972
Son of Kerstin HHH Danielsdotter Danielson pd.aaaa!04

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