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Composition process: I spent a couple hours making little black dots of varying intensity in my basic desired shape on white index paper (because took several Photoshop courses 10yrs ago & use Photoshop several times a day, so was sure I could use Photoshop to make it a negative). Tried each one of the Photoshop filters & could not find what was looking for … apparently I remembered wrong. So went back over each filter again looking for alternatives. Found several filters that emphasize edges (don’t remember names). After that I selected background “space” & painted it dark purple, then subtly revised coloring with another filter (don’t remember which) creating slight shadings of blues and reds from the background purple. Then used the clone tool finalizing the shapes for picture. Using filters takes me a lot of time because (just like finding physical tools in physical drawers) I keep forgetting where things are and what they do, so every few minutes I need to back & open drawers to look again. Sometimes I can look straight at a physical tool I use daily (like a hair barrette) and not register its use, so it is no surprise that looking at a word in “filter” column of Photoshop menu does not trigger memories for its function. At any rate it took slightly over 8hrs to compose picture but I think it portrays my thought. 😀


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