Non Dimenticar and “Come Near”

Non Dimenticar
means don’t forget you are my darling.
Don’t forget to be
all you mean to me.
Non dimenticar.


Tru here.  Have not had another wake-up song in past three months, but usually they are just musical phrases of melody playing in my head, with no words.  This morning however, there WERE words … this time with no melody; “non dimenticar”.

Mom and Dad had this song on a Jerry Vale record when I was growing up, and it has probably been 30 years since I’ve heard it.  So it’s been years since I have even thought of this song, but today I woke hearing the words “non dimenticar” in my head.  Began this blog entry 6am on the Sunday before what is known as “Easter” … and this year it is the day before Passover begins.

Dementia; the root verb of this phrase, “non dimenticar”, and a very large issue in my personal life.  Along with the strong reminder of Creator’s love, this song brings the question; in my time and efforts for dementia advocacy, have I been forgetting to “come near” for intimate time with my creator?

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Come near !!

Command to “come near” is important in my life.  About 15 years ago I dedicated almost an entire year to language and context study of the scriptural imperative to “come near”.  For more than five hours every day, I studied those words in original languages, each scriptural use in context, accessed online articles, and bought some books to check out professional opinions.  Then one day my old newfoundland Service Dog, Hero (my first “Hero”) was hurting and whining for me to come sit with him.  He was asking me to drop everything and come close; just sit with him as a fellow being.  No touching and no words needed; just DECISION and EXECUTION to spend time together.  So I did.  Then (like a light coming on) I realized what “come near” was all about.

The command “come near” is all about human volition;
decision to stop the world for spending time with Creator.
… and then DOING it.

After I learned to “come near”, Creator and I had some intensely intimate bonding time.  This bonding time has created the foundation and context for how I personally handle life with progressive dementia issues.

Not everyone has abilities to study original languages, or even to study scripture in their own language.  … For ME, those abilities have now gone.  Not everyone has abilities for words in a “prayer”, and words are getting very difficult for me.

There is no sharing physical “touch” with a being who has no physical form, but there can be spiritual touch much more satisfying and intimate than holding hands or kissing.  And there can be communication without even the need for words in any form.  It is as much a “different” format of communication as body language is from written language.  Humanity might call it “primitive” because this communication has nothing we recognize as words, but it is even more richly nuanced … along with being profoundly intimate.  It can also be amazingly intense, with results that vary from exhaustion to complete relaxation or invigoration.

Now I need to go, because Creator is waiting for me.  ( … and waiting for YOU too!)


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Creator’s love is the anchoring absolute for my life.  It is the lodestar of truth which anchors the circumstances in which I find myself, and guides my decisions.  Again, I need to go now, because Creator is waiting for me.  ( … and waiting for YOU too!)

. ******* .

Below is written by my neurologist-friend Daniel Potts;

You came.
You came and sat.
You came and sat with me.
You came and sat with me when I’d forgotten.
You came and sat with me when I’d forgotten who I was.
You came and sat with me when I’d forgotten.
You came and sat with me.
You came and sat.
You came.
— Daniel C. Potts 14Feb2022

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