My Diagnosis and Expectations

Tru here.  Enough added people are following this blog that I thought I would clarify my diagnosis and share my thoughts for the next few months. LONG post!  2015 Update here >>  and 2016 Update here >> Summary:  My GP and I agree on diagnosis of “dementia” but waiting for confirmation from neurologist.  […]

Crafts I Personally Use for Dementia Symptoms

Tru here.  Definition of craft (kr ft) n. 1. Skill in doing or making something, as in the arts; proficiency.  As my introduction prefaced at I feel most “alive” when I am creating something, so these are some of my tools. Traditional Styles of “Crafting”: Craft with pens:  Due to Book “Yoga for your Brain: […]

Online Dementia Communities

Tru here.  AVAILABILITY of online dementia Communities:  Dementia Alliance International (DAI) sponsors several online video “support” groups, each with no more than ten members.  My group gathers on Mondays.  DAI also sponsors video group “Café Le Brain” online Memory Café, which I attended today (Tuesday).  Dementia Mentors (DM) has the video group Memory Café Wednesdays, Forget-Me-Not […]

PWD Communication in Early stages

Tru here.  Please remember, each person’s experience with dementia can be widely different.  Not only are there many different kinds of dementia (with Alzheimer’s in the lead), but some doctors say that most people with dementia have a mixture of several types of dementia, each in different amounts.  Additionally, individual personality, motivations and life experiences create unique dementia […]