Complex Nocturnal Hallucinations

“Complex nocturnal visual hallucinations are
vivid, dramatic, intricate visual hallucinations
occurring during sleep onset or awakenings at night …”
per JCSM; Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
(see Link at )

Tru here.

bad sleep last night; worst night in years.

1am woke from invaders in our home — as usual i can tell you all about them because these hallucinations are like extra-detailed dreams, with vivid colors, smells, and all the sensory details.

2am woke because those invaders had kidnapped me and taken me to a factory-type facility.

various gory installments between 2am and 5am.

5am woke after long dying process because they had been experimenting on my paralyzed body.
… but was still in that horrid environment for a long time after i woke.


Dont remember ever having this hard of a time truly transferring to waking reality.
Yes, it has lasted a little bit after waking before, with sights and smells overlapping waking reality,
… but not this long.

Praying for some good rest tonight.

from me: Hallucination Types, and Impact
and ;

from retired Dr Jennifer Bute at ; . .

Consensus Reality (vs Hallucination Reality) definition at ;



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