Suggestions4 Restless Legs

Tru here. Been asked for suggestions re restless legs as Lewy Body Dementia symptom.  So posting this in addition to preparing my usual “Truthful Tuesday” entry. Symptom of Restless Legs is something i know well. Had problem since young age, as symptomof FibroMyalgia which i inherited. Check for side-effect of new medication  (mine was extremely […]

Symptom Problems with Overnight Stays or Motel

  Tru here.  Recently returned from three weeks of overnight stays at various places, and I was asked for suggestions. Flooring:  Highest priority was carpeting.  Most places we stayed did not create feeling of disorientation from pattern of the carpet, but one place did.  Every time I stepped out of the door to our room I was […]

Smell Hallucinations and Dementia

Like many other dementia symptoms, I think smell hallucinations can be a tremendous distraction to thought; whether productive conversation or other types of thought. Another aspect of concern is safety. When I smell “burning” several times per day, I automatically discount my sensory credibility. If something was truly burning, I would not know it unless I noticed smoke, heat, or fire.