Hallucination Intro: Types of Hallucinations

Tru here, Recently asked about hallucinations. My super-simple explanation is that, when primary cause is dementia, hallucinations are NOT like day-dreams or night-dreams. They are day-or-night REALITY: “Reality” shows have become a popular thing, but is it “reality”? We see commercials, rewind to get a missed comment, etc. It is not reality. You didn’t feel […]

Nocturnal Leg/Foot Spasms

Tru here.  Nocturnal Leg/Foot Spasms (probably related to Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s) Here it comes again; not childbirth labor, but very similar contractions. Here it comes again. Wake up! Wake up! Tension increasing. Foot tightening. Foot twisting until inside of foot is straight up-and-down. Quick! Get foot FLAT and maybe it will improve! Tension increasing. […]