Nocturnal Leg/Foot Spasms

Tru here.

 Nocturnal Leg/Foot Spasms
(probably related to Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s)

Here it comes again;
not childbirth labor, but very similar contractions.

Here it comes again.
Wake up! Wake up!

Tension increasing.
Foot tightening.
Foot twisting until inside of foot is straight up-and-down.
Quick! Get foot FLAT and maybe it will improve!

Tension increasing.
Leg twisting.
Toes curling.
Quick! Put weight on feet and maybe the leg will loosen a bit!

Oh G-d!
Please Help!
Quick! Jump OUT of bed, before it gets worse!

Unrelenting …
Tighter and tighter …
Oh G-d, can it get any worse?
Oh G-d; it CAN’T get any worse!!

… Then it finally releases.

I get back in bed and am just drifting off to sleep
when I feel the tension beginning again for another spasm.

… Then another … and yet another…

… Four times in the last hour.
It could be worse;
I have lived thru eight in an hour
(but each time I was able to jump up and get them stopped).
My left leg has become very strong from these unwilling, unrelenting calisthenics.

… But I am very tired. Somehow I’ve GOT to sleep!
I am getting desperate for sleep, … but here comes the tension again. … Oh G-d, Please HELP !!

– Truthful Loving Kindness
2014-Jul 17 at 4am

Dear Reader,
Please don’t get me wrong – comments, “likes”, and subscriptions are appreciated, but:
1) Appropriate blood tests have been done and this is not caused by lack of potassium, magnesium, etc.
2) I drink one half gallon water per day so not caused from lack of liquids.
3) These spasms have continued periodically during the past four years.
… I walk one mile per day and do regular stretches of heel/ankle.
… In fact, now the angle of stretch must be extreme to feel any stretch unless cramp is imminent.
4) Next step is specialist at Mayo clinic in Minnesota, and I am waiting for appointment.

Somehow there is a certain relief in just writing this and putting it out there in public.
… This is my life …


“Spasms” vs “Night Leg Cramps”; Night leg cramps are relieved by “forcefully stretching the contracted muscle” per Mayo Clinic.  But forcefully stretching does not seem to help my spasms.  Putting weight on the contracted muscle often helps though.  (( Mayo Clinic >> ))


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