Please Further Investigate Dementia “News”

Tru here.  I have dementia. My productive time and energy is becoming progressively limited.

As a dementia patient I must prioritize my activities. I am not feeling sorry for myself — I am being pro-active. My abilities are dwindling because my brain is dying. How much of the important things can I fit into my remaining brain-life? It is a question each human needs to look at, but those of us with dementia probably have much fewer months of “productive” activity to reasonably expect. So prioritizing becomes even more important.

As a dementia patient I must carefully limit my intake of news exposure because I know that over-exposure means needless worry and sleepless nights, which result in lack of brain cell renewal and even greater impaired judgment. So I limit my news intake to items that pertain to dementia itself, and of direct impact on those with dementia. These are things I can hopefully apply in my own life.

As a dementia patient I am indignant at how the test results from the study of cynical distrust and dementia in Finland, published late May 2014 at, have led to implications of cynicism as a personality trait for dementia. This has been implicated in numerous articles including CNN, BBC, Science Daily, Alzheimer’s Weekly, Medical News Today, Health Central, etc. I hope to further investigate this particular study’s conclusions and compare it to the implications stated in the above articles, but you readers probably have greater abilities than I, in order to follow up with that comparison. If this was said of any other minority population I think the public would take action. But our minority mostly does not have the ability to speak.  Please speak for the many who can no longer speak.

As a dementia patient I am asking YOU; please don’t assume dementia news is complete and well-researched. Please investigate. Come to your own conclusions and SHARE those conclusions (then SHARE again)!!  Could you please encourage me by also sharing those conclusions and plans in a comment below or an email to me? Thank you.

UPDATE: As my husband noted regarding world conditions during the years that the brain of these participants was being developed;  “This was a very difficult time in Finland, along with the rest of the world! Growing up (oh wait, what was the death rate for children in those years?) what was the nutritional diet lacking in those years? What was the orphan rate in Finland during those years? What kind of authority figures did those individuals have to look up to? What is the root cause of cynicism?”.

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2 thoughts on “Please Further Investigate Dementia “News”

  1. It appears your problem with technical books a year or two ago was transient. By the way how is your own book coming along.
    There are as many different interpretations of dementia as there are people in this world, don’t get too hung up on the subject.


    • Joy,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I still cannot understand information that builds fact on fact (if A+B=C then …) and so did not attempt to read the original study results. After I began Aricept I regained the ability to understand up to 6th grade level. I read the abstract. Thank you.


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