David Kramer, Living Well with Alzheimer’s

These are recent excerpts from FaceBook page of my fellow Person With Dementia (PWD) friend, retired Doctor David Kramer, who is “Living Well with Alzheimer’s”: Living Well with Alzheimer’s Sept 26, 2014 at 7:31am:  Words count.  Those of us with Alzheimer’s and related dementias are very sensitive to what is said to and about us.  […]


Please Further Investigate Dementia “News”

Tru here.  I have dementia. My productive time and energy is becoming progressively limited. As a dementia patient I must prioritize my activities. I am not feeling sorry for myself — I am being pro-active. My abilities are dwindling because my brain is dying. How much of the important things can I fit into my […]

2011-11/15 Maybe I will write a book

Tru here. THOUGHTS: Where is my legacy? What true difference have I made in the world? … Did my ancestors feel this deep sense of failure? WHAT is my legacy? From my parents and grandparents I inherited the values of unswerving honesty and deep kindness; … transparent loving-kindness, always while giving the glory to our […]