David Kramer, Living Well with Alzheimer’s

These are recent excerpts from FaceBook page of my fellow Person With Dementia (PWD) friend, retired Doctor David Kramer, who is “Living Well with Alzheimer’s”: Living Well with Alzheimer’s Sept 26, 2014 at 7:31am:  Words count.  Those of us with Alzheimer’s and related dementias are very sensitive to what is said to and about us.  […]

Robert Bowles, PWD

Today I want to tell you about my fellow PWD (Person With Dementia) friend, Robert Bowles, and what motivates him for living with a dementia diagnosis well.  The introduction is by his daughter Ashley on July 1, 2014: I sit here a grateful, amazed, and proud daughter.  …  My Dad inspired me as a pharmacist, […]

New Poster for Dementia Mentors

“Since I learned from those who sent before me and led the way,
I do not dread what is to come.
This is not a NEW path, even though it is unfamiliar to me.
Like those before me, I will travel this path with honor and integrity,
lighting the path for those who follow
— until a cure is found.” — TLK (me)