July Pages by others with Dementia Symptoms Part 1

These are newest pages that I have posted from persons with dementia symptoms who have shared their lived experience thru words or projects.
(I add the word “symptoms” because not everyone uses the same vocabulary; my collections include pages from those with diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment as well as Alzheimers, Lewy Body, Vascular and other types of “dementia”)
I thank each of you for your generosity of letting the public into your private world ! My hope is that your perspectives can be applied to help and encourage
other patients, care-partners, and professionals.

Feeling Left Out with Dementia Symptoms

I was asked to think about what phrases and actions leave Persons With Dementia symptoms feeling left out. … Includes: Phrases that exaggerate my symptoms, Phrases that minimize (invalidate) my symptoms, Phrases that ignore my symptoms, Phrases that minimize (or ignore) my life-expectations, Actions that exaggerate my symptoms, Actions that ignore my symptoms, and Actions that exaggerate my “different-ness” or “alone-ness”.

All of these situations involve showing respect, embracing who the person is, and meeting them at their varied ability levels (because some aspects of abilities are still very high, and some quite low).