Dementia “Suffering” Terminology -Part 2

Hoping to clarify my blog from earlier this week, and maybe eliminate some misunderstandings. … In order for the “suffer” vocabulary change to succeed in goals, I think we need to come up with some method of communicating what people are seeing now as the “small print” — the details which are sometimes un-written … but creating huge mis-understandings.

Feeling Left Out with Dementia Symptoms

I was asked to think about what phrases and actions leave Persons With Dementia symptoms feeling left out. … Includes: Phrases that exaggerate my symptoms, Phrases that minimize (invalidate) my symptoms, Phrases that ignore my symptoms, Phrases that minimize (or ignore) my life-expectations, Actions that exaggerate my symptoms, Actions that ignore my symptoms, and Actions that exaggerate my “different-ness” or “alone-ness”.

All of these situations involve showing respect, embracing who the person is, and meeting them at their varied ability levels (because some aspects of abilities are still very high, and some quite low).

Service User

Tru here. Discussion of terminology for care is a hot-topic all the way around. These are my personal thoughts regarding the term “service user”: In my experience the problem is not the impersonal nature of the term “service user”, but rather the consuming nature of the term. We are the “user”, “consumer”, etc. Our care […]