Gillian thought PWD not valuable

Tru here. Edmonton Journal Link to article of August 20, 2014: Dead at noon: B.C. woman ends her life rather than suffer indignity of dementia (with video). I have heard talk that in many countries suicide will be EXPECTED for those with disabilities (especially dementia) in the future, exactly because of the reasons Gillian discusses […]

Service User

Tru here. Discussion of terminology for care is a hot-topic all the way around. These are my personal thoughts regarding the term “service user”: In my experience the problem is not the impersonal nature of the term “service user”, but rather the consuming nature of the term. We are the “user”, “consumer”, etc. Our care […]

Desperate with Dementia

Tru here. I have a couple dementia friends feeling desperately helpless, desperately scared, and unwilling to impose this life onto their loved ones who are willing to be their “care-givers”.  Maybe you are feeling desperate too.  Some have said they rely on my positive “sunshine” and I have a message to you: My “sunshine” is […]