Uncle Gillies at Culloden

April 16, 1746 was the final battle of the Jacobite “rising of 1745”, So posting this early April


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Gillies MacBain, (id#kmm-MMB.jaab!10) is my 7th great-uncle, who was killed on 16 April 1746, at Culloden Battlefield in Scotland. Wounded, he stood defending a break in the turf wall, and killed 13 before he died.

The family is sometimes called MacBean, MacBane, MacBain, McBean, etc. and clan is sometimes called MacBean or MacBain, but i have also found it as Clan Vean.

He and Anne his sister (my 6th great-grandmother) were children of the chief of the clan.

this poem about GILLIES MACBAlN is sometimes incorrectly said to be written by Lord Byron, but Mabou Pioneers (Volume 1 page 88, published 1977) attributes poem to M.E.M. Donaldson in “Wanderings in the Western Highlands and Islands”.

“The clouds may pour down on Culloden’s red plain,
But their waters shall flow o’er its crimson in vain,
For their drops shall seem few to the tears for the slain,
But mine are for thee, my brave Gillies MacBain!
“Though thy cause was the cause of the injured and brave;
Though thy death was the hero’s and glorious thy grave,
My sad heart bleeds o’re thee, my Gillies MacBain!
“How the horse and the horseman thy single hand slew!
But what could the mightiest single arm do?
A hundred like thee might the battle regain;
But cold are thy hand and heart, Gillies MacBain!
“With thy back to the wall and thy breast to the targe,
Full flashed thy claymore in the face of their charge:
The blood of their boldest that barren turf stain,
But, Alas! Thine is reddest thee, Gillies MacBain!
“Hewn down, but still battling, thou sunk’st on the ground –
Thy plaid was one gore, and thy breast was one wound;
Thirteen of thy foes by thy right hand lay slain
Oh! Would they were thousands for Gillies MacBain!
“Oh! Loud and long heard shall thy coronach be,
And high o’er the heather thy cairn we shall see;
And deep in all bosoms thy name shall remain
But deepest in mine, dearest Gillies MacBain!
“And daily the eyes of thy brave boy before
Shall thy plaid be unfolded, unsheathed the claymore;
And the white rose shall bloom on his bonnet again
Should he prove the true son of my Gillies MacBain!”



Gillies MacBain kmm-MMB.jaab!10 1705-1746
7th great-uncle
Anne MacBain McBean kmm-MMB.jaaa!10 1704-1780
Daughter of Aeneas “Angus” 14th Chief of Clan MacBean kmm-MMB.jaaa.11
Mary MMB Beaton kmm-MMB.eaaa!08 1755-1830
Daughter of Anne MacBain McBean kmm-MMB.jaaa!10
James McNeel kmm-MM.aaaa!07 1775-1839
Son of Mary MMB Beaton kmm-MMB.eaaa!08
William McNeel kmm-M.aaaa!06 1810-1887
Son of James McNeel kmm-MM.aaaa!07
Robert McNeel kmm.aaaa!05 1846-1896
Son of William McNeel kmm-M.aaaa!06
Georgie Pearl McNeel km.aaaa!04 1880-1962
Daughter of Robert McNeel kmm.aaaa!05020
Erma Leola Kilroy k.aaaa!03 1917-2006
Daughter of Georgie Pearl McNeel km.aaaa!04

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