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Like everyone else, there is more than one facet to my time and energy spent in life.

At 58yrs old, between dealing with dementia symptoms and functioning in advocacy issues much of my time and energy is spent, but have decided that NOW is the time to attempt sharing the family history that I have spent years gathering.

My abilities in these tasks is failing.  Even with doubling my dementia medication I no longer have the ability to reason-out the why and how of relationships that I had two years ago.  So I had better get busy sharing it, hoping I can do it in such a way as to motivate upcoming generations to take what I have learned and continue the task.

Thanks, — TLK.

Some pages are still at old website because have not transferred them.

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New pages:

Y-dna for FREY >> .


Viers’ Fudge Recipe >> .


Spencer Ancestor Gov Wlm Bradford & Mayflower >> .



Emil Petrin & Family Gathering 2018Sept >>

Year WITHOUT Summer 1816 >>

Spencer Frey >>

Joseph Pate >>


Old pages for Frey-Kilroy branches >>

& FB page for Frey-Kilroy here >>

FB page for Petrin-Michaelis here >>


Another format is

Petrin side of ancestry (but page not finished)

Frey side of ancestry (but page not finished)

Index for Other Aspects of Life >>

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