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Jewish identification is not a simple topic (see Wiki >> )).

The definition of who is a Jew varies according to whether it is being considered by Jews on the basis of religious law and tradition or self-identification, or by non-Jews for other reasons, sometimes for prejudicial purposes.
Because Jewish identity can include characteristics of an ethnicity,[3] a religion,[4] or peoplehood, the definition depends on either traditional or newer interpretations of Jewish law and custom.

Legally (in Israel) from what I understand, there are three things that determine “Jewishness” — none of which I have.
1) My mother is not a Jew.  (However, it is possible that the earliest-known ancestor of her surname was a Jew from Switzerland.)
2) I do not have at least three direct grandparents who are Jews.
3) I have not gone thru the “conversion” process (because my request was denied).

So the short answer is “No, I am not a Jew” … HOWEVER, the local place of worship that I am most closely aligned with is the local Shul.  Online spiritual leaders that I am most closely aligned with are listed at base of article titled “My Spiritual Journey in Dementia Context”, and better explanation of my beliefs is at my introduction as a theological thinker; “Intro Spirituality”.  Both Links are at the bottom of this page, along with “Name Change”.

Since my conversion request was denied, if there was a local “Noahic/Noahide” place of worship, then I might attend there, but there is nothing like that within 4hrs.  Mostly I don’t attend anywhere, because I can no longer handle the commotion and noise from groups of people.  I am in contact with my local Rabbi via eMail, but also stay in contact with several other spiritual teachers  — two are rabbis, and two are not.


You might ask why I started the “Christian” Video Chats for Dementia Mentors:
Spiritual/religious talk can often cause division, so it is discouraged during general group chat.
But Dementia Mentors has quite a few Christian members, and these members needed a place to openly discuss the intersection of spiritual beliefs with individual dementia experiences.
Even tho many Christians would not include my current beliefs as within “Christian” category, Christianity began as an off-shoot from Judaism, and my beliefs are closely aligned in many ways. (Again, see “Intro Spirituality” Link at bottom of this page.)  I have years of language studies in original languages for “Christian” Bible, isagogics, categories, and lots of hours in “Christian” Systematic Theology classes, so plenty of context for “Christian” group.   No; I do not fit in the “Jew” category, but neither do i completely fit in the “Christian” category — or any other (including Noachide).
Sometimes boxes are not real clear-cut.

Just like medical diagnosis, not all spiritual beliefs fit nicely into one clearly-defined box.
Written details are more concise in Links below, but please contact Me with any further questions on my beliefs, genealogical background, or name change.



Better explanation of my beliefs is at my introduction as a theological thinker; “Intro Spirituality” >> .
Spiritual leaders that I am most closely aligned with are listed at base of article titled “My Spiritual Journey in Dementia Context” >> .
“Name Change” >> .
Wiki on “Noahidism” >> .

Index for “Other” aspects of life >> .

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