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Early Symptoms of Dementia//  

i am NOT medical personnel, but in my own observances, earliest symptoms of dementia vary greatly with the type of dementia;
For Vascular Dementia: vascular problems or vascular disease diagnosis often precedes the dementia symptoms, but otherwise the earliest symptoms seem really similar to early Alzheimer’s symptoms.
For LBD (Lewy Body Dementia): sleep behaviors, hallucinations, or Parkinson’s diagnosis are probably the most common problems seen very early in LBD.
For some FTD types (Fronto-Temporal Dementia): personality changes are often present earliest, but Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA, which is a sub-type of FTD) is likely to show first with communication difficulties. 
For Alzheimer’s: The Links below from Teepa Snow focus more on the most common types of Later-age types of dementia; Alzheimers and Vascular Disease. — more global slowed thinking, so confusion, slow processing of tasks, loss of short-term memory, etc. 

My own earliest symptoms were sleep problems, hallucinations, and short-term memory.  My doctor checked out other causes of dementia symptoms (see “Reasons to go for Early Diagnosis” at >> ).  One of my most valuable choices was to see a psychiatrist to  find out whether my past extreme trauma could be causing or increasing my dementia symptoms.  After three appointments he said he was pretty sure they were not, but he also said some mood influences could be very subtle, and it could take a long time to be sure.  So three years later he was sure, and i am glad i have those two letters in my file.


Paulan Gordon: What Led To Her Diagnosis (with Vascular Dementia) from Dementia Mentors on Vimeo at >> . (should show video below)

Paulan Gordon: What Led To Her Diagnosis from Dementia Mentors on Vimeo.


Early symptoms from Don Hayen; 6-min video at (should show video below)

insights from retired Dr Jennifer Bute, as a person with dementia herself (several types).  This 40-minute video takes quite a while to load (more than several minutes on my computer)  … so WAIT for it at >> .

Glorious Opportunity 2 from Kreativity on Vimeo.


(NOT a Person Living with Dementia) Teepa Snow and PAC (Positive Approach to Care) on Ten Early Signs of Dementia at >> .  (should show video below)


(NOT a Person Living with Dementia) Teepa Snow and PAC (Positive Approach to Care) on Brain Changes at >> . (should show video below) ..


(NOT a Person Living with Dementia) Quick 3-minutes from Teepa Snow and PAC (Positive Approach to Care) on Dementia in the Early Stages 2019 at  >> .  (should show video below)


… This page is part of “Links for Symptoms and Strategies” at >> .  Another primary page on this topic would be “Links for Dementia Types” at >> .


… For early-to-moderate stages i have gathered LINKS for dementia symptoms and Strategies (alphabetized) at >>

. For more advanced stages Teepa Snow has excellent series called “Making Visits Valuable” beginning at >>… and Listing at .

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