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This art project began as an expression of my wonder in use of a lap harp (“Nevel” harp in this case), then transferred to art as tool to cope with grief when losing another ability due to progress of dementia symptoms.

I remember this began with a tangle pattern, but do not find the pattern in my workbook, so maybe i created the pattern out of my head.
Outlined this pattern 22Apr2018, … with teardrops when i realized that i was nearing the end of being able to use my “nevel” harp, because i was losing ability to tune the instrument. (Tremors symptom from vascular and Lewy Body Dementia symptoms).

No longer able to use my Nevel Harp. 

With acquisition of iPad and digital tools to “stabilize” effect of tremors, i was able to add color 3yrs later, then maneuver the color with “Liquid” tools in ProCreate. No spilling, and the color pretty-much is going where i want it to go !!!

My tremors are causing quite a problem with many of my everyday tasks, but when i close my eyes i am watching the flow of colors and movement, guided by my hand.  So VERY glad that i now have the ProCreate tools that enable me to resume these functions ((big smiley face).;

— Truthful Kindness (i have a 2014 YouTube video with nevel harp as tool for nocturnal hallucinations as symptom of Lewy Body Dementia). easily found with search terms “truthfulkindness” and “nevel” or “nevel harp” on YouTube.  At  >> https://youtu.be/aub51qOyGtQ


ProCreate with Apple Pencil 2;
Art Strategy with Tremor at https://truthfulkindness.com/2020/11/20/art-strategy-tremor/ ;

Index of my own Arts and Crafts projects at >> https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/arts-crafts/ .


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