Art Strategy with Tremor

Tru here.

Strategies i am currently using for tremor are “image stabilization” tool on iPhone,
and “StreamLine” tool in iPad’s ProCreate program.


Many of my my friends with dementia have a “tremor”, or shaking of hand, neck, etc.
So i am not the only one.

Tremor is a possible risk factor for both Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons, which is caused by Lewy Body protein deposits, so closely associated with Lewy Body Dementia. (See NIH Link at bottom of page).
Also, tremor is a symptom of Vascular Dementia (see Johns Hopkins Medicine Link).


15 years ago, My essential tremor was much helped by a little bit of alcohol intake.
so if i wanted to take photos, draw, calligraphy, etc, i would drink just a little bit of something alcoholic
and the tremors would decrease to something manageable.
.  .  .  But Now my cerebro-vascular disease has increased, and
For the past several years alcoholic content no longer helps my tremors
(or if it does, it is not noticeable enough to help my artistic efforts).
My tremor increases with each year.

Important to recognize that
the nature of a “work-around” is almost always TEMPORARY;
the strategy “works around” (or “mitigates”) our dys-Ability
— until that particular ability declines to a point that the strategy is no longer sufficient to continue the activity.


These are the current tools i am using to stretch my artistic abilities a bit longer
– despite increasing tremor.


Photos: Mostly i have now lost ability to photograph, but i can still take blurry pictures using the combination of iPhone “image stabilization”, and by setting the phone against a solid un-moving surface such as doorsill, table, car, fence, etc.

Drawing and Calligraphy: In the past couple years all drawing and lettering have been a very long process.  i would use erase-able pencil on paper, then when base was satisfactory i would scan to computer.  Next step was to bring up scan and print several copies (because i already know i will mess up several when i trace with ink. Each separate element of my project would require these scanning processes, then i could combine in PhotoShop app.

But now i have an iPad with Apple Pencil.  … with “StreamLine” tool in ProCreate app,
(which i used to create the cover art for this entry).
Right now, i set “streamline” tool at about 70% unless it is a really bad day, when i put it up to max 100%.

YouTube tutorial below was NOT made by me, but she mostly speaks slow enough for me to understand.


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