PWD Terri Gadal Feb 2015

 Written by Terri Gadal February 2015

Along with myself

I long to stay
in these moments
of passing
lost in thought
and losing them
along with myself
Feb 4, 2015

Before Twilight

My last fight
shaky in the ring
days of fright
to the past I cling
memory takes flight
forgetting stings
lost in plight
a final string
before twilight
Feb 5, 2015

I forget

I forget
and faces
I forget
and places
I forget
and hours
I forget
in ciphers
I forget
and all
I forget
not young
to recall
and so…
I forget
Feb 6, 2015

Off somewhere

I’m off somewhere
without a care
or a friend
I can recall
no voice or words
left to share
Feb 10, 2015

Last Gasp

I can almost hear
the silence
in the shadows
of my past
struggling for balance
standing here
in a meadow
at memories I grasp
lost in fear
I can almost hear
the sirens
taking my last
Feb 20, 2015

Vanquished Identity

I stare blankly
up into the heavens
of vanishing intensity
with confused expression
this my vanquished identity
Feb 27, 2015


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