PWD DonnaLynn Morin June 2015

DonnaLynn Morin in May and June 2015

616 DonnaLynn Morin pic 2012 aftr diagn

“Beginning a new day of wonder.”

DonnaLynn’s diagnosis of Young-onset Alzheimer’s was in 2011 and she took this photo 2012.

” To me seeing this creation gives me hope.
Along with faith that this beauty was created for us by Him,
always need hope living with dementia…”

June 16 excerpt: “I see beauty … I take time to look for a rainbow
… I may not know what day it is but I know it is a day the Lord made.”

June 30 excerpt:  “…  I have … been struggling with my loss of independence. I have the greatest husband in the world, and dont get me wrong I know I am blessed. I used to love driving, cooking, shopping ect, I had to give up driving due to past strokes and a seizure disorder. So now I have to depend on others for my badic needs. Instead of bring greatful I get defensive, this causes slot of concern. I myself do not e en remember to eat , or drink, my health is weak, everything is an effort and it pisses me off. … I slso have a continuous headache I think it is the atrophy in my brain getting worse, I am not sure. I have the support of people who love me but I tend to shut them out. I svoid going out for fear of doing or saying something stupid. Seems when I update my status it does not vome out right and I get neg feedback, I was not being hurtful just trying to express what I feel personslly. I think right now I am at the hopeless stage, I need to dig deep. …”

And July 1: “It is really hard to update my status. … It seems like everything I say or feel is misunderstood. There is alot of damage to my brain, I know it, I live with it. I hate the fact that I have to cendor my thoughts and feeling…why cant people who love me or care about me actually care enough to learn of this horrific disease. Everyone thinks I am being mean, stupid, sensitive…it hurts. Then there are some that say things that I have never heard before that insist they told me aashhh. I want to keep my family close but I seem to be becoming that crazy woman…it hurts, very badly. I am isolated while Joe works, it has gotten so bad that when my sister wants to take me out I do not want to go. … im so afraid of the unknown and I have always spoke my mind now I am afraid to talk, … dont know how much longer I can stand this….”

DonnaLynn feels like she is on a roller coaster right now, and has public FaceBook page at >>

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