Marsha York Memoriam

.Marsha Ann York October 25th 1956 – May 19th 2021 .

.i believe Marsha’s death was Congestive Heart Failure due to vascular dementia from hemorrhagic stroke. 
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Marsha once told me that she was all about the process of “Life Savers”, and she considered Dementia Mentors one of those Life Savers.
She became a Host for our Dementia Mentors’ group video chats in 2017. 
Hosting a group of persons living with various stages of dementia can be a very difficult role, and Marsha was absolutely EXCELLENT in that role. 
It was always a joy to attend chat when Marsha was facilitating, because she was always so good at cushioning with love.  


…Video made by Marsha York for Dementia Mentors; “Bathing Tips” at . i include that video in my Favorite Links for Hygiene issues section.


DM café chats have given me light.
Being diagnosed with Dementia at age 57 in 2014 was very dark. I prepared to die.
But then, medication helped. Change of diet helped
and met these wonderful new friends who helped me see the light.

We laugh and have fun.
We get serious and offer our experiences hoping to help.
Which DOES help.

Having Alzheimer’s or any cognitive impairment is challenging. With friends by our side we can find new purpose.
Our families can relax when they see and hear our laughter.

It does not have to be the bitter end.
It can be a new chapter, new purpose and a fulfilling life until the end.
And the end gets further away as we enjoy each day.

Thank you Dementia Mentors! Gary LeBlanc, Tru, Delores and all it’s a great support system.
Visit and see if you find a spark of light.
We’re eager to meet you.
— Marsha 04Sep2020  as part of this project >> .


.originally made this heart for Marsha in November of 2020; “Wrapped in Love”, with names of some special dementia friends.  The version below has been revised for privacy of those persons.




One of Marsha’s favorite quotes was “Detach with Love” … and that is what she did.

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..Started this picture when Marsha was having so many extra challenges in November 2020, and finished it last night.  She will be missed by all of us.

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