Recent Pages by others with Dementia Symptoms 2015 Sept

Apologize that it has been so long since I posted an update from my friends. These are newest pages that I have posted from persons with dementia symptoms who have shared their lived experience thru words or projects. (I add the word “symptoms” because not everyone uses the same vocabulary; my collections include pages from […]

Is “Best” of Person With Dementia (PWD) GONE ?

I do not feel that the “best” of my grandmother was gone in her later stages. Her context was gone. The ability to delay gratification was gone. The ability to even know what she wanted or who she was … was gone. But her visceral response to life was NOT gone. Having my grandmother as a Dementia Mentor (even if only in my memory), has been a tremendous source of hope and example. In my final days I hope the same can be said of me.

August 2015 Pages by others with Dementia Symptoms

New page from Cecil Ristow with “Going Along – or Getting Out”, New page from Dianne White with “Looking Normal”, New page with descriptive photography from Gord Settle; “Preventing Loss of Focus”, Two pages of excerpts from blog of Harry Urban, and New page from Myrna Norman with “Walk a Step in My Shoes” (written for Dementia Mentors). My hope is that your perspectives can be applied to help and encourage
other patients, care-partners, and professionals.