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CHANGE is in the air.

Tru here.  This may simply be a huge reaction to the change of season, but the last time I felt this intensity of impulse to prepare for change was a few months before we found out I had Lyme Disease.  Tick-borne diseases had been affecting my life for more than 30 years, but what followed was five years of hell from Babesia and Lyme treatment.  Five years of constant nausea and inability to participate in personal or family activities.

Don’t know what is coming; may be personal, may be collective.
May be mostly a positive change, but may also be a huge challenge.
… or it may simply be Autumn !  (( smile ))

Don’t know what is coming, but I am listening and applying this “premonition” to prepare for change, in that I am going to back up from my tremendous outflow of energy and time output to online dementia issues.

BLOG:  I still intend to blog, and still hope to share pages of writings from others, but whether I will be able to continue my “Truthful Tuesday” predictability is questionable.

NewsLetter I will still gather whatever writings and projects are easily gathered, and post the links monthly in Dementia “Symptom Perspectives”, but I am not going to spend near as much time in the efforts.  I will still gather at least one entry from each of the 70 blog writers on my list who writes during that interval, but I will probably not add to that list at the rate that I have been adding in the past … and folks may find the postings are not nearly as “current” as in the past months, because will not be spending the huge number of hours in preparation.  At beginning of year I changed NewsLetter format to monthly (but at that time I had less than half the number of blog authors I was reviewing each issue).  I may change it further if I think it could help time-energy investment.  To read each blog produced during the month, in order to pick one or two for NewsLetter, is actually a huge outlay of time and energy, and I will be looking for ways to further conserve my energies.  And several authors do not share their writings in one location, so I have needed to search online for their most current works.  I will cease investing those extra hours and focus on authors who have their work as an established “blog”, and on those who contact me with material they wish to share.

FaceBook:  Mostly I will miss things that are posted on FaceBook, unless they are in Dementia Mentors’ memory café, or unless posted as comments to most recent status updates on my own page.  “Tagging” my name on FaceBook will be mostly useless, as my notification list is so long that even now I miss several hours out of each 24-hour day.  So when I decrease FaceBook hours, many more notifications will fall out.

Personal Message, email or Phone TEXT is the way to contact me, altho I will be monitoring comments on blog entries also.

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