PWD Kevin Smiley April-May 2015b

April and May 2015 excerpts from my friend  Kevin Smiley:

These are from his FaceBook group “In The Eyes of Dementia” (Link at bottom of page).

 In The Eyes Of Dementia April 21, 2015·…………………………………..       Footsteps In The Dark

It was in the summer of 2009 when the footsteps in the dark began. It was going to be a journey that would take a family through many ups and downs. I write this story as a mans footsteps through a dark disease called Frontal Temporal Dementia. I want people to read this story and see a family that has courage, faith, and trust, that no matter what happens in life it is actually a short period in time when you look at spending eternity in Heaven. That no matter what this world gives you, you can always put hope first.

My plan is to write weekly about my adventures with this thing called Frontal Temporal Dementia (FTD), which is what I will use when referring to my brain disease. For educational purposes FTD is different than Alzhiemers. FTD is degeneration of the front and temporal lobes of the brain. This area controls cognative skills, emotions, executive functions, etc…..FTD comes on silent at a young age, typically in your mid 40’s, and is terminal. No two patient cases are the same!

I guess the first indication that my wife recognized that something was wrong with me, was when I started having personality changes. I went from a friendly caring person, to a complete opposite.

This is all I will tell now! You have to check in weekly for updates. I will have humorous and life altering events to share. So, stay tuned if you want…….

  In The Eyes Of Dementia  May 1, 2015  at 8:36am ·…………………  Silence Inside

Silence inside my head nothing to gain and nothing said.

Silence inside my heart
I’m losing all the best parts.

Silence inside my soul
For it’s all so easily sold.

Silence all around
But none worth having a sound.

Silence is a person
Who has robbed me of solutions.

I’m lost in silence now
Dancing on fallen clouds.

Fallen clouds have faded to black, now darkness and silence have taken everything of mine back.

Fade to silence and darkness for the rest of this life.

Above excerpts are from Kevin Smiley’s group “In the Eyes of Dementia” at

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