Another Bad Day

This entry is written by Truthful Loving Kindness (yes, that is my full legal name) for publishing at , so PLEASE address any questions or comments to that website, regardless of which website shows these words.  *******  We live on an ocean bluff, and fishing was one of the main bases of income for this town, so old fishing nets are not unknown as props. They are easy to find and useful. We have fishing nets thrown over our fence as trellis for roses, etc. In my mind, these painted fishing nets are my newest cognitive changes, separating me from doing the tasks that i was doing in the recent months.


Boundaries// This digital painting copyright by Truthful Kindness on 19Jan2023. Available at .


As some have noticed, my cognitive abilities have very strong fluctuations. 
Monday was a bad day.  This is Thursday; only three days later, and another very bad night last night, making for a bad day today.

My dementia symptoms are very strong today, so attempting tasks with much fine motor skills or cognitive involvement (including word interactions) usually causes more problems than benefits.  Much stronger tremors, so more difficulty eating and more difficulty walking, as well as other fine-motor skills (like personal needs in the bathroom).   

i needed help getting into “Prayer Chat” today, and after i did get into the Zoom video chat i had much more difficulty understanding what was said, even with only two other persons in chat room.  So it is DEFINITELY not a day to attend a chat with more persons in chat room.

Usually not a wise decision to write on days like today, but i need to copy/paste for something else, so i might as well add as blog entry also.



Symptoms are severe enough that it is not a day to even attempt tasks that require strong cognitive abilities, or tasks that require fine-motor skills (altho i am not quite to the point of needing someone to wipe my bottom on even days like today — not quite yet ).  For eating, today i need mostly finger food or sippy-cup soup.  Plan to spend the day cuddling the dog, and some of my most simple, abstract art projects.  So i hope to connect the project as featured image on this page — but we will see what happens.  … it took three hours to compile these words today; one of my quickest, but least complicated blog entries.  


2018 “Bad Day Indicators” by Truthful Kindness at >> ;


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