Bad Day Indicators and Suggestions

Tru here.

For me (and i am the only one i can really speak for)
additional Eyesight or Hearing problems can be an indicator for other functions of my brain.
The other primary predictor can be my balance.
If my perceptional senses or balance are less than my usual “normal”,
then i re-consider priorities for that day.

If i have spent more time correcting mistakes
… than time on “productive” tasks, during first few hours of the day, 

then i re-consider priorities for remainder of the day.

On those days must put ALL functions in compound Low — maybe even several days in a row.
Allow extra time for all tasks.

… And these are appropriate days to procrastinate.
Postpone the Lower-priority tasks to enable success on the high priority tasks …

or instead, if symptoms are severe enough,
i might postpone the purpose-driven tasks (such as dementia advocacy) and devote the day to meditation-type tasks.
Artistic endeavors that are in my “Future” craft box for days when my abilities are Lower-Level.
See “Crafting Tips” entry >> .

If must stay in compound Low more than a few days in a row, then i consider doctor visit to check-out non-dementia issues.  

and re-evaluation of time/energy priorities
— because perhaps my “normal” abilities just dropped a step.


Suspect during past months my own abilities have dropped another step of the Ladder.

Several folks have mentioned concern, so i now need to begin re-evaluation process.

Grieve – accept new dys-Abilities – find new work-arounds (if possible) for highest priorities of my purpose in Life, and also new ways to continue doing the enjoyable things in life.
May need to consider further revisions in  various types of communication , in order to continue crucial relationships at best level possible…. But that is another entry, LOL.

. Graphic was created with pictures of canes made by my Uncle, and another.  I had a pet goose when he made the two on the Left.

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11 thoughts on “Bad Day Indicators and Suggestions

  1. hi tru
    sorry to hear of your bad day. I think we can learn to live with our present state but we don’t like it changing. you are doing infinitely better than I will when I get anywhere near your state. right now it is simply fatigue that is not getting better and may be getting worse. I am happy however with my meditation. I seem to be able to reach a state of no thought which is calm. and when I am there I can appreciate it and don’t wish it to hurry away. and I might appreciate it a little more if my back / shoulder were more obliging(lol). by the way I have found an audio book by steven bachelor entitled after Buddhism. it is interesting.

    kind regards,


    • Hello David. Tru here.
      Sorry to hear your back and shoulder are giving you more problems. But glad to hear meditation is working for you. Every now and then we all have bad days. i think it is good to share how we are feeling. It helps us support one another, and that is good.
      Thank YOU for your support, David.
      — Tru


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  5. Tru,

    I also have bad days, or sometimes bad & good days in the same day. I am trying to get better at living in the moment and not expecting too much of myself. Nothing I am doing now is so critical that I can’t put it off until tomorrow. Be kind to yourself. Your doing awesome.


    Liked by 1 person

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